Welfare & Adoption

As our breed expands and more and more people are interested in our wonderful Siberians, we will find that some Siberians will be displaced or abandoned. Sometimes a pet owner's situation changes unavoidably, making re-homing a necessity.

The Siberian Cat Club, with the help of its dedicated committee members has set up a dedicated Rescue and Rehome service. The Club's aim is to find safe, loving and permanent homes for any Siberian cat that is abandoned or in need.

As well as caring for rescued cats and finding suitable homes for them we also offer a network of help and support, and up to date news via our dedicated website to generate interest. We hope this will provide a platform for pet owners to be able to see and fall in love with a rescued Siberian Cat.

Siberian's are very people orientated and form a strong bond with their owners so it is important for us to find suitable and permanent homes as quickly as possible to reduce any trauma or stress to the animal concerned. If you feel you could offer a new home please go to our adoptions page.

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