Siberian cats are real fun-loving felines. They are energetic and always ready to play a game with you, but never let you win! They are particularly fascinated by water and often you'll find them enthralled by a dripping tap or nonchalantly strolling in soaking wet after they fell in the fish pond!

Being intelligent and like most felines incredibly inquisitive they like to get involved in all aspects of the household - helping dig holes in the garden, sitting on the newspaper you're trying to read or just fooling around with the bubbles in the washing up bowl. They're always around to lend a paw and make you laugh.

This breed is often described as having many 'dog-like' traits (just never let your cat catch you saying it!) so can be a good alternative for those couples where one is a 'cat person' and the other is a 'dog person'. They are extremely loyal to their owners; a real best friend who's there to greet you when you get home, play with you when you're happy and hug you when you're down. Quick to learn they can be taught to walk on a lead (great for those who don't have a secure outdoor space for them to play in) and some of them even like to play fetch! 

Despite having huge reserves of energy, Siberians are caring, gentle souls who never have a bad word to say about anyone. This combination of playfulness and patience makes them an ideal choice for families with young children. It has also been found that they mix well with other animals, including dogs.

Siberian cats have a sweet chirruping voice and an impressive purr.

Siberians are happy being kept as either indoor or outdoor cats, but indoor only cats will need lots of toys and stimulation to keep them happy. Providing access to a secure garden or outside cat pen can be a great compromise; you're sure of their safety and they have a chance to feel the wind in their whiskers as they watch the world go by.