Although a very ancient breed (with written records dating back to the 13th century), the Siberian Cat has only become a pedigree breed relatively recently.

 Siberians could be found living wild in the streets and hanging around the markets as well as in the   countryside and the forests of Siberia. After the fall of communism in Russia, these feral cats were taken in   and domesticated by the local population. Recognising their wild magnificence people began to take the cats to shows and the Siberian Breed was established as the Aboriginal Cat of Russia.

The first breed standard was developed in1987 based on the stud 'Roman' who was one of the foundation cats and appears in many current pedigrees. Exportation to Europe and the USA began in the 1990's, but it was not until 2002 that the first Siberians put their paws on British soil. Since then the number of breeders in the UK has increased very quickly as word spreads about this wonderful breed.