Breeders Code of Ethics

Breeder Code of Ethics

The Siberian Cat Club require that Breeders registered with the Club must sign the undernoted declaration confirming that they fully understand and agree to the terms of the following Code of Ethics.

1. Purpose of the Code of Ethics – It is the aim of the Club to look after the general health and welfare of the Siberian Breed and to set down reasonable guidelines within which breeders should operate.

2. Breeders must hold a GCCF prefix and abide by the GCCF Rules and the GCCF Breeding policy (this can be found at

3. Breeders must abide by all statuary laws pertaining to the well being of, the breeding of and the selling of animals. 

4. Health and welfare

a) All breeding cats and kittens should be kept in conditions appropriate for its health and welfare, including but not limited to:

  • Being kept in a suitable clean environment that is fit for purpose including access to appropriate sized and clean litter tray(s)

  • Being fed an appropriate diet for the cat’s age and have access to clean water at all times 

  • Receive all necessary medical care from a qualified veterinary surgeon

  • Ensure the cat is not maltreated or neglected in any way

b) When selling kittens or cats the Breeder should:

  • Ensure that to the best of their knowledge the cat/kitten is in good health and free from any parasites, fungal disease or hereditary defects

  • The Breeder should provide the new owner with guidelines for feeding, grooming and raising a Siberian

  • Breeders should recommend that the new owners have a health check carried out by their own veterinary within 7 days

  • It is recommend that Breeders take out insurance covering the first four weeks after the kitten/cat leaves and explains the benefits of insurance cover to the new owners.

It is the responsibility of the Breeder to provide support and guidance to any person they have sold a cat or kitten to.

5. Breeding

  1. The Breeder should only breed if they are confident that they can find appropriate homes for the kittens

  2. Any cat that has been identified with hereditary defects or health issues should not be bred from.

  3. The Breeder must ensure all kittens are neutered within the first 12 months unless sold for the purposes of breeding.  

  4. Under no circumstances should studs be sold to a household with no females, nor to households which have not previously bred and raised a litter of Siberians

  5. If the Breeder wishes to place any limitations or restrictions on a kitten sold for breeding this should be done in writing and explained to the purchaser prior to any agreement to purchase the kitten.

6. Advertising

  1. Breeders must not advertise Siberian’s as ‘hypo allergenic’

  2. Breeders must not misrepresent, falsely advertise or mislead any potential owner with regards to the health or quality of the cat/kittens

  3. Breeder Members may only refer to the Club in advertisements, literature or websites for cats bred in accordance with current GCCF rules and this Code of Ethics

7. Discipline

Members are expected to act in a manner that does not bring into disrepute the Breeder, the Siberian Cat Club or the GCCF.  

Breeder membership will be revoked if they breach GCCF Rules, Statutory Laws or this Code of Ethics.