The Club

The Siberian Cat Club for the UK was founded on the 23rd March 2002, as a non profit making organisation, by a handful of friends interested in bringing Siberian cats to the UK. 2002 was an exciting year with the first Siberians entering quarantine facilities in the UK in January and February and many more arriving later in the year on pets' passports.

Since then Siberian cat has become increasingly popular as more and more people fall in love with its gorgeous looks and its loyal, fun loving personality.

​The Siberian Cat Club was granted our full affiliation to the GCCF in October 2009. We have a healthy membership representing a large proportion of the Siberian breeders and pet owners in the UK. The club is run by a Committee of volunteers elected by the membership at the AGM. 

Our next milestone was in 2018 when we held our first show on 3rd February, back to back with the North of Britain Longhair and Semi Longhair Cat Club show. The show was well attended and entry has grown year on year. 

 A further milestone was reached in 2019 with the first Siberian to attain the title of UK Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Champion. 

UK Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Champion Lyndongraey Grigori