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To help you locate breeders in your area our Breeder Member List is split into regions. 

Each of these breeders has agreed to be bound by the Club's Breeder Code of Ethics which outlines our expectation that breeders care for the health and welfare of their cats and kittens and that they will abide by the rules and guidelines of the GCCF. Kittens are required to be at least 13 weeks of age and should have completed a full course of vaccinations and been health checked by a qualified Vet before they are collected. They should be in good health and free from parasites. The breeder should provide a complete pedigree (with a minimum of three generations), certificate of registration with the GCCF, care sheet and vaccination record upon collection. Some breeders may require purchasers to sign a contract agreeing to have the kitten neutered by a certain age or may practice early neutering.

Please note that the Club does not endorse any of the breeders listed below. It is not possible for us to check the conditions that the cats and kittens are kept in and therefore we cannot take responsibility for their general health. If you visit a Registered Breeder of The Siberian Cat Club and are concerned that the cats or kittens may be at risk please contact us and we will look into the matter.

Breeders and people wanting to purchase pedigree kittens are reminded that they should not purchase kittens from or go to stud with any breeder currently suspended by the GCCF. Any kittens purchased from, or resulting from such a mating, will not be registered by the GCCF. Please refer to the GCCF Suspension List for a list of breeders currently suspended

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